Panels & Talks


(2022) ‘Digital Sovereignty’ at BLEED ECHO for Arthouse

Featured Speaker/Performer

(2022) ‘Embodied Climate Knowledges’ presentation at Hot & Bothered for Science Gallery International

(2021) ‘Cometland’ –  a creative non-fiction piece commissioned for the Nocturnal Art series and performed at Fremantle Arts Centre

(2020) ‘Melting Mammoths’ – a talk on arts funding and Woolly Mammoths at the Hatched exhibition launch at PICA


(2021) ‘End Game: Adaptation, Regeneration & Strategies for Survival‘ – final panel in the ‘Tipping Point’ series at WA Museum Boola Bardip

(2021) ‘Myths and Narratives: Stories of Place’ – panel event responding to the ‘Love In Bright Landscapes’ exhibition at PICA

(2020) ‘Recovering From A Pandemic‘  – the final panel in the ‘Refuge Talks Series’ for Arthouse Melbourne