Written Works

Short stories, flash fiction and short creative non-fiction:

(2022) ‘Riverland’ in A Glossary of Water for Rivus: 23rd Biennale of Sydney (reprint)

(2022) ‘Bardi Man’ for the Undertow exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre, part of Perth Festival (read online)

(2021) ‘Duneland’ in Bilya Bidi: Crossings for Fremantle Biennale

(2021) ‘Split’ in Flock: First Nations Stories Then And Now (reprint)

(2019) ‘Ricochet’ in Westerly Ancestor’s Words online special edition (read online)

(2019) ‘Iridium‘ in the Other Suns exhibition catalogue at Fremantle Arts Centre (read online)

(2018) ‘Split’ in Stories of Perth


(2022) ‘Birak’ in audio work Birak 4 for Ghost Tunes. Listen here or read here.

(2021) ‘Miyaak Haiku’ in Westerly Great Southern online special edition (read online)

(2021) ‘nookert-ngoornd-barniny / sleepwalking’ for Cordite (read online)

(2020) ‘Yoowalkoorl’ for the Yoowalkoorl exhibition for Midland Junction Arts Centre (read online)

(2019) ‘Five Haiku’ in Westerly 64.1 – Patricia Hackett Prize Winner 2019 (read online)

(2019) ‘Dilbi Werdiny/Leaf Falling’ installation at Regal Place in East Perth

Audio stories:

(2021) ‘Dampland’ (8 mins) commissioned for Love In Bright Landscapes at PICA (sound artist Mei Swan Lim)

(2021) ‘Watershed’ (13 mins) commissioned for Refuge 2021 by Arts House Melbourne (sound artist Theo McMahon, voice recordist Mei Swan Lim)

(2019) ‘Float’ (7 mins) in ‘Deep Heritage’ at Cool Change Contemporary (sound artist Mei Swan Lim)

(2019) ‘Riverland‘ in Five Short Blasts Fremantle commissioned by Perth Festival (total artwork time 70 mins)

Articles and essays:

(2021) ‘The story so far…’ for the game Convergence for Arts House Melbourne

(2021) ‘Asking for our blood’ for Overland

(2020) ‘MARINATE(V)’ for the Preppers art exhibition by Arts On The Move

(2019) ‘Five Short Blasts: A Collection of Reflections’ by Semaphore

(2017) ‘The Role of Art in Decolonisation’ for Artsource


(2022) ‘Celebrating yorgas, Country and kinship at Fremantle Arts Centre’ for Seesaw Magazine

(2021) ‘Perspectives from the waves’ for Seesaw Magazine